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Vote Trevor FullerAs County Commissioner you meet many people. There are those who question whether the American Dream is still alive in our time. They question whether it is possible to deliver on the promise we make to one another that if you work hard, you can make it. There are those who doubt whether it is possible any longer to make access to economic opportunity real for all. As County Commissioner I believe in our enduring covenant to be each other’s keepers, because we have demonstrated again and again the re-affirming power of our “can-do” spirit, I’m running for re-election as a County Commissioner at large because I say “YES,” the American Dream is still alive, and I will ensure that we renew its promise in Mecklenburg County! As the County Commissioner, I am committed to providing vision about how to bring economic opportunity to everyone in our county, no matter who you are or where you live. To do this, I will take bold action in three major areas: education, job creation, and healthcare.

When the history of our time is written, what will they say about the decisions we have made? Will they say that we shrunk from the challenges of our time? Or will they say that we answered the call, that we seized the opportunity to make our community soar?

We always love a challenge, and we refuse to be defeated.  Our way is to embrace our opportunities.  I believe history will show that we did what we needed to do to make our place on this earth a shining city on a hill, the greatest place to live, learn, work, and recreate.

God bless you, and God bless Mecklenburg County.

Thank you very much.


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StudentBooks3It all starts with education…an educated people is a prosperous people. Education starts from birth, not just when formal schooling starts in kindergarten. We know that on-grade educational proficiency can be a key predictor of future events in a child’s life. Right now in our county, only 40% of our third-graders can read on the third grade level. This is completely unacceptable. But rather than simply talk about this issue, as County Commissioner I have taken action to solve the problem. I helped lead the effort to establish Read Charlotte, a collective impact initiative whose goal is within 10 years to have 80% of our third graders reading on grade level. I led the effort to commit the county to become a financial and community partner of this initiative because it is critical to our future. But the evidence is clear that pre-kindergarten education is essential. Investments that we make in pre-K education reap multiple returns, both economic and social. In other words, the most effective use of government investments in education occur by investing in pre-K education. That is why as County Commissioner I will lead our effort to invest in this area.
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charlotte-job-creationThe best economic development tool is a job. If a person has a job, that means he or she can support a family and buy goods and services in the economy, which helps everybody. After all, businesses need customers who have money to buy their products and services. When our people have jobs, it also means that they do not need government assistance, which reduces the tax burden for all of us. Right now, nearly 250,000 people in Mecklenburg County receive some assistance from our Department of Social Services. This is unsustainable. We need to focus our efforts on reducing this level of need in our community.But it’s more than just having a job, we need to make sure that people have jobs that provide a living wage. Too many of us have jobs and are trying to make ends meet, but our jobs do not pay enough. This is why I believe the county can play a key role in bridging this gap…not by giving a hand out, but by offering a hand up. We need to help create the conditions and the opportunities for people to have living wages.

This is directly linked to the effort to bring economic opportunity to all.

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charlotte-health-care-services2The health of our community is critical to prosperity and is directly linked to economic opportunity. As an example, the single greatest health concern we have in Mecklenburg County is the prevalence of chronic disease, like heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. The number one contributor to chronic disease in our community is smoking and tobacco use. That is why, under my leadership, the county has made all government buildings and most parks in the county smoke-free and tobacco-free. In addition, I continue to believe that the expansion of Medicaid in North Carolina under the Affordable Care Act is essential to extending health care to those who cannot get it any other way. Right now, almost 70,000 uninsured people in Mecklenburg County would benefit from coverage under Medicaid expansion. We all benefit if these folks are covered, from reduced expenditures on emergency care to the increased productivity that results from a healthy workforce. Providing access to affordable health care is a key component of ensuring access to economic opportunity.
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