Make Mecklenburg County a healthier, more productive place to live.”

  • A healthy community reflects a sense of mental and physical well-being and is the foundation for achieving all other goals. Good health is often taken for granted but is essential for a productive society. Every community needs a healthy workforce upon which to build its economy, and we know that healthier students are more equipped to learn and be successful academically.
  • At a time when nearly 250,000 people – 25% of our population – need services through our Department of Social Services, the need to transition people to self-sufficiency cannot be overstated.
  • With today’s financial challenges, including the rising cost of health care, it’s more important than ever that communities and organizations make the most of their available resources to prevent chronic diseases and conditions. Implementation of health care reform through the Affordable Care Act will increase access to breast and cervical cancer screening services for many low-income, underserved women through expanded insurance coverage and eliminating cost-sharing.
  • But even with adequate health insurance, many women will still face substantial barriers to obtaining breast and cervical cancer screening such as geographic isolation, limited health literacy or self-efficacy, lack of provider recommendation, inconvenient times to access services, and language barriers.
  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other public health agencies now have an unprecedented opportunity to build on their existing capacity to ensure women overcome barriers to getting screened for breast and cervical cancer. Our Health Department has already taken steps to increase participation in the County’s Breast and Cervical Cancer Care Program which provides screening to uninsured and underinsured women by launching an awareness campaign including radio ads, brochures, interviews with the media, and even a Twitter chat.
  • Through these increased outreach efforts and our commitment to making healthy choices for our community, we are taking the necessary steps to make Mecklenburg County a healthier, more productive place to live.