If you have a job, that means you can help support your family and you are buying goods and services in the economy.  This is economic opportunity. Everyone benefits.”

  • Our most recent figures show that unemployment in our County has dropped to 8 percent – that’s even lower than it was this time last year, and less than half of what it was only five years ago. As well, we experienced strong employment growth in 2015, adding more than 25,000 jobs in our community. These new jobs will enhance an already strong employment outlook for the County, as our economic base is resilient and growing.  Consequently, for the third year in a row, I am pleased to report that I will be urging my colleagues to adopt a budget that has no increase in our tax rate for Fiscal Year 2017!
  • Under my term as chairman of the Mecklenburg County Commission; eight companies selected Mecklenburg County as their home, and have announced projects bringing 2,870 jobs and nearly $300 million in investments to our community. To continue this momentum, we hope to bring even more exciting job announcements during the first quarter of 2016, with projects ranging from new manufacturing facilities for international companies, to customer service, to research and development, and even a marketing center, to new global headquarters relocations importing CEOs and other high level executives.
  • Economic development framework
    • 1) Continue job growth through attraction and retention;
    • 2) Find new ways to support small businesses and high growth startups; 3) Find new ways to help strengthen our workforce across the entire County;
    • 4) Support the creation of jobs through the tourism industry; and
    • 5) Help our communities build strong, stable neighborhoods with opportunities for all.


  • Through Mecklenburg’s Putting People to Work Initiative, we will ensure that anyone in Mecklenburg County who wants to work will have access to the necessary training opportunities and experiences, and upon completion, will, in fact, get and retain a job! We will put 8,000 people to work in Mecklenburg County in the next 18 months. This initiative will create authentic and reliable pathways to employment for unemployed and under employed individuals in Mecklenburg County.